MASSIVELY Improve Your Kitesurfing in 6 Weeks
(Even if There's No Wind!)
★  Kitesurf More Often
★  Spend More Time On The Water
★  Progress Faster
★ Get Rid of Aches & Pains
★ Kitesurf With More Confidence
★ Hit The Water With Energy To Burn
Photo: Maude Guyeme. Rider: Rodolphe MacKeene.
MASSIVELY Improve Your Kitesurfing in 6 Weeks
(Even if There's No Wind!)
★ Kitesurf More Often
★ Spend More Time On The Water
★ Progress Faster
★ Get Rid of Aches & Pains
★ Kitesurf With More Confidence
★ Hit The Water With Energy To Burn
Photo: Maude Guyeme. Rider: Rodolphe MacKeene.
Kitesurf More & Improve Effortlessly With The NTX System
(Even If There's No Wind)
I’ve got a confession to make to you…I’ve never revealed this before as, to be honest, it’s pretty embarrassing.

When I first started teaching kiting over 14 years ago…

I couldn’t actually kite. 

You see one of the major problems for me as a kitesurfing instructor was if the wind didn’t blow I didn’t get paid. It also meant that I was often working when it was windy so didn’t get out very often myself and was always too tired after teaching all day to take myself out.

What I really wanted was to be able to earn money irrespective of what the wind did and give clients a great holiday no matter what, whilst being a kick ass kiter myself. You know, one of those kiters who made people walking along the beach stop and point.

In these early days I was losing money hand over fist. It wasn’t that we didn’t have the students just that every time the wind failed to blow, we lost money. As a kiter I wasn’t improving as I if it was windy I was working and I was just too tired to go kiting on my rare days off.

On the inside I was shrinking. I felt like a failure as an instructor, a kiter and a businessman. My business was failing and my kitesurfing was going backwards to the point where I was embarrassed to go kiting in front of my students in case I got “found out.”
Then 2 things happened:

1) I saw a student of mine who I’d taught to ride just 6 months earlier and they were now much better than me.  On the outside I pretended to be stoked for them, on the inside I was crushed.

2) For 3 months straight there was no wind meaning we couldn’t teach.

Long story short I went bankrupt. 

This was the worst period of my life, lying awake at night worrying about what was going to happen to me, wondering when they were coming to take my car away, feeling like an utter failure, depression, manic spurts of desperately trying to make something work and probably worst, losing the desire to go kiting which had historically been my de-stressor.

One day I though sod it, borrowed some kites from a friend, as Her Majesties Govt. had taken mine to be sold to cover my debts, and went to the beach. Forcing myself to at least try to enjoy myself. 
Just as I got there…the wind died.

I sat down on the beach and buried my face in my hands. 

Slowly as the self pity wore off I started to think.

All these problems had been caused because I had been dependent on something that was fundamentally beyond my control. Barring gaining X Man like powers I was never going to control the wind and I was on a fast track to misery basing my life and my happiness on something over which I had no control. 

So sitting there on the beach that day I asked myself a simple question…

"What can I control?"

In that moment it hit me…

There is one variable that has more impact on my kitesurfing performance, on how fast I learn, on how quickly I land my next trick, on how much stoke I get from this sport…

One variable that can MASSIVELY improve my kitesurfing and I can work on it when there’s no wind. In fact it’s easier to work on it OFF the water than ON the water.

And what’s more, it's a variable I have total control over.

You see I realised in that moment…
  • If my muscles were able to kitesurf for longer at a higher level and so take advantage of every breath of wind.
  • ​If I could recover faster after a session so I could get up and do the same again tomorrow and not suffer from the lethargy and aches and pains that I normally got, 
  • ​If I had the energy to burn and could get myself out whenever there was wind and not make excuses about it having been a long day or just being too tired.
  • ​If I had better focus and so keep my concentration when I was out there.
  • ​If I learned faster, 
  • ​If I got ill and injured less, 
  • ​If I got rid of the extra weight I was carrying,
  • ​If I had faster reflexes and a more agile mind, 
  • ​If I could control The Voice in my head that told me I wasn’t good enough
  • ​The Voice that created anxiety whenever I visited a new spot, or which just worried incessantly about safety, telling me I was going to screw up and be a burden to other kiters as they had to rescue me or I got washed up on the beach like a drowned rat….again,
  • ​If I were 100% resistant to skill fade and had the mental resilience to push through procrastination, fear and doubt…no matter what, until I landed that next trick…
If I could master all this, I couldn’t help but be a better kiter.
You see what I raised in that fateful moment was that the most important variable in my kitesurfing wasn’t the wind…it was me!

Just ask yourself now…If you could master all that, do you reckon your kiting would improve?

I got up and sprinted off the beach got home and started scribbling into my notebook for the next 8 hours straight.

I realised if I could implement this in my kiting and in my teaching I could solve my problems instantly by effectively working on my own and my clients kitesurfing performance when they were OFF the water.

Now at the time we had the perfect vehicle to do this, we ran week long kiting camps so we had plenty of time and opportunity to implement this and see what happened. 

So I did. 

Well WOW!

We saw exponential gains in people’s kitesurfing straight away, people learning to kitesurf days if not weeks faster 
People progressing more in 1 day than they had in the previous 5 years, happier clients and I got paid. 

My kiting improved massively despite not having been out for 6 months, I got back on the water and landed 3 new tricks, had energy to burn and as a result got out on the water much more.

However there was a problem. 

I was only able to teach 6 people at a time and they had to get themselves to Spain.

I also found that the wind actually started getting in the way! When it was windy we missed a lot of the OFF the water training that was actually more important in the long run.

And so I created The NTX Program. 

Enabling me to teach these techniques to people anywhere on the planet getting them the same results we got on our camps and I got in my kiting.

It exponentially changed their lives so they could not only kitesurf more, at a higher level, for longer, but look better, feel younger, have a sharper mind, a more responsive body, sleep and recover like a king and have energy to burn on and off the water. 

A lot of them tell me they actually feel better now than they did when they were 18.
A Strange New Approach
Now when I first proposed the idea of The NTX System for kitesurfers, many people laughed at me, after all what do health, fitness, strength, nutrition, body composition and peak performance training have to do with kitesurfing?

Well to be honest, quite a lot. 

If you take 2 equally skilled kitesurfers and make one of them healthier, faster, stronger, with better body composition. Give them a greater ability to recover and less chance of getting injured, more mental toughness, a more agile mind and greater ability to get into The Zone more often…

Which one of them will perform better, last longer on the water, be able to kitesurf more often, enjoy the sport more and as a result progress faster?

The answer is obvious.

(As an aside they’ll also be happier in life and make those around them happier, but that’s a story for another day!)
So The First Question I Had To Ask Myself Was What Exactly Does A Kitesurfer Need?
Kitesurf Specific Conditioning
The fitness demands for kitesurfing are very, very unique. A kiter needs to have stamina and explosive power whilst not sacrificing agility or range of movement. 

It becomes even more complex, as depending on if you’re riding waves, practicing freestyle or just starting out, the areas you need to focus on subtly shift.

A well conditioned kiter should never run out of gas during a session. And should be able to recover adequately in between sessions that they can get up and go the next day if the wind is blowing again. 

This is very difficult to achieve with a normal training plan or for someone who doesn’t understand exactly the specific needs of you as a kiter.

Flexibility (especially for the gents) is also an incredibly important part of kitesurfing and is something that is hugely overlooked in most cookie cutter training programs. Most people solve this through yoga etc, but the problem there is that flexibility without strength through out the entire range of motion can actually be more dangerous than no flexibility at all.
Injury Prevention
The human body is a single system, not just a series of muscles. It doesn’t matter how powerful your strongest muscles. As an athlete, your weakest links dictate performance, no matter which sport you play. 

Kiters MUST focus on strengthening the essential muscles that provide stability and support to the larger muscles which form the core component of the sport. Once these smaller stabiliser muscles start to tire the larger muscles are forced to take up the slack which always leads to a decrease in structural integrity, a decrease in performance and an increased probability of injury. 

However most kitesurfers and the training program prescribed for them ignore these essential muscles…I have no idea why! 

A stronger kiter is not only a better kiter but is also much more difficult to injure and will recover much faster from injury when disaster strikes. To be able to do this effectively and to build the strong muscles they need to perform at their best they need a dedicated training program but also the very best resources to build these muscles from. 

Which leads us nicely to...
Build The Strongest Body You Can
You literally are the food you eat. In 6 months time every single cell of your body will be built from the food you eat today. If you’re eating junk then these cells will be made of junk and will perform weaker, less efficient, break and die easier and perform the essential tasks they are designed for less well.

If on the other hand you eat the food they need to operate at 100%, to repair them selves, to live long and healthy lives then you will notice a huge difference in your performance on the water and in your every day life…and what’s more it’s effortless on your part.
Body Composition
Effective body composition when it comes to kitesurfing is crucial and it comes down to one thing... 

if your not using it you should be losing it.
A spare tyre will not only slow you down it also means you have to exert much more energy to achieve the same result and need a bigger kite or more wind to even get on the water.

For some of our clients their motivation is less dramatic but no less meaningful, they want to look great in their wetsuit, or more toned on the beach so they feel better about themselves.
Advanced Recovery
The bottom line is that the stronger, fitter and healthier kiters are able to get out on the water more often and perform to their very best and thus improve faster and have more flexibility with the wind. 

The ability to do this comes down to one thing…


We all know that after going to the gym you will ache (if your really trying anyway!) and you need to allow your body time to recover before you go and train again or risk overtraining. 

Thus it stands to reason that the person who can recover faster in between sessions will be able to train more often and at a higher intensity whilst improving all the time. 
The same is true in kiting.

Ultimately if you can recover faster you can get out more often and kitesurf harder when you are on the water, and so progress much more rapidly. 

The body does not respond solely to training it responds to recovery from training and it is this part that is missing from so many programs.

Say Goodbye To Aches & Pains.

One of the major problems we see in our clients of all ages is that they may have an old niggling injury or a certain area that always seems to ache after a session and often after several sessions on the water can lead to missing sessions if the wind comes in for a few days at a time. 

Through structural re alignment, controlled nutrition and a host of other techniques is it, in the majority of cases, possible to eliminate these aches and pains for good.
Flow is the ultimate performance state, that state where everything is effortless, time dilates and every action is perfect and flows effortlessly into the next without you seemingly needing to control it. Often referred to as “The Zone.” 

Luckily for us it has also been massively researched and we are now understanding how to get you there fast, on demand. 

Even more exciting for us the triggers to this flow state are hardwired in to kitesurfing so any kitesurfer who can find the flow state every session can supercharge their kitesurfing. 
You know when you’ve been there as you end each and every session with a MASSIVE grin on your face felling like all is awesome in the world! As being in this state makes you feel GREAT!

The issue is, being a high performance state you need a lot of energy to get there and to incorporate the gains it gives you to the full…for that you need body and mind to be operating at 100% so you can get there time and time again.
One Thing To Bear In Mind
Oftentimes the lower your starting point (poor fitness, terrible body composition etc) the better your results.
How Can We Help?
MASSIVELY Improve Your Kitesurfing In 6 Weeks (Even If There's NO Wind!)
With The NTX Program
What You Get With The NTX Program...
Initial Body Composition, Physical and Nutritional Consultation
At the beginning of your online training journey we conduct a full scale audit of your current body composition, physical fitness and dietary habits. We’ll then use this to inform the rest of the program. 

As far as diet is concerned this means we’ll make positive changes that are particular to how you eat, rather than making sweeping statements that apply generally, but not necessarily to you specifically.

Unlike a lot of fad diets that force you to eat only one food type, drink only shakes, or restrict calories meaning you’re hungry all the time. 

Our plan has been made to fit your lifestyle to ensure you can eat as much as you like, not just for now, but for the long term, but that crucially you know what to eat to get the absolute best results for your specific biology. 
This means that once you have got into the shape of your life, you can then maintain that shape year round.
1 on 1 Coaching with me
To help you implement the program, to keep you on track and ensure we move forward at your pace, you get access to me and my 15 years of experience for an hour every week for the entire program.

During the coaching sessions we’ll look at your unique circumstances, and build out your personal plan dependant on your goals. 

I’ll also be handing over the floor to you, this is your time to ask me questions and get answers to the challenges your facing right there live, get you back on course if you’ve drifted off and take you to the next level. 

I’ll be talking to you 1 on 1 every week so we can really go deep.

So whatever your goals…together we'll get you there.

 This style of coaching gives you the feedback you need for rapid progression in a comfortable setting where we can really dig in to your personal challenges and solve them right there on the call. 
Personalising the program to you in a way that just isn’t possible with most online programs.

I’ll never outsource these call and this will not be some recording, these calls will always be LIVE with me (you may wish they weren’t sometimes but sorry your stuck with me!)

So you know EXACTLY what to do, how much to do, when to do it. 

I’ve spent literally £80,000 and 15 years getting to where I am now, now you get access to that experience every week. So you don’t have to spend that money or time! 

These calls will be at a time that work for you so wherever you are in the world and whatever your schedule we can make it work.
Exercise Programs Tailored To You And Designed To Fit Around The Wind
Our online kitesurf specific personal training includes a full array of kitesurf specific workout programs, from resistance training to cardio and active rest sessions, giving you a bespoke and totally individualised exercise schedule.

We also take into account the information gathered during the initial assessments to construct a plan that takes into account any pre-existing or potential structural / muscular imbalances, addressing weaknesses head on and eliminating them with the application of modern sports science program design.

One of the major problems I‘ve seen is that as we never know when the wind is going to blow we need to have a training program that can fit around the wind otherwise it is too easy to disrupt leaving you missing days and not progressing. Our programs are designed to be flexible around the wind to enable you to maximise gains AND time on the water.

If you need it we'll also be looking at flexibility and building strength through out the entire range of motion to further reduce chances of injury.
Bespoke Supplementation Plan as Needed
Your diet plan will cover everything you need but we've found over the years that most clients can benefit from a small amount of supplements. After our assessment and on an ongoing basis if we spot an issue or deficiency not easily or conveniently corrected with food we can recommend the best available supplement products to you.

Supplements are exactly as their name describes – supplementary.

We do not ever advise supplements until and unless you are willing to work with us on getting your diet in order first.

And if financial budget is a consideration then we always prefer that you invest it in good quality food above expensive nutritional supplements.
Advanced Recovery Program
More and more it is being shown that the key to improving in kitesurfing isn’t just about what you do when you are on the water, it’s what you do OFF the water that makes all the difference. The ability to recover from a session fast whilst incorporating all the learning so you are ready to go again tomorrow even stronger is of paramount importance.

Quite simply if you can recover faster you can kitesurfing more and progress faster. For that reason we include a full advanced recovery program uniquely designed around your lifestyle and biology to ensure that you can hit the water every single session with energy to burn.
Zone State Technology
Over my years of teaching kitesurfing and peak performance I have noticed there are very specific ways that peak performers get them selves in to the zone or as it’s increasing known “the flow state,” time and time again. 

Once we’ve upgraded your biology to be able to cope with the demands of being in the zone for entire sessions at a time we’ll show you to get there again and again and again.
Amazing Value For Money
No more wasting time on inefficient workouts and diets that never quite click. You work 1-2-1 with me to create a kitesurf specific sustainable eating plan and an exercise regime that delivers results whilst fitting around your life.
Location Independent
It doesn’t matter where you live or where you train because our online training is designed specifically for you.
Compare Our Training With Other Services
KItesurf Specific Program
  • Structured Training Programs  ✔
  • Planned Diet Programs  ✔
  • Individualised Supplement Protocols  ✔
  • Accountability  ✔
  • Cost Effectiveness  ✔
  • Proven Track Record  ✔
  • Advanced Recovery Program  ✔
  • Zone State Technology  ✔
  • Kitesurf Specific  ✔
Personal Trainer
Generalised Program
  • Structured Training Programs  ✔
  • Planned Diet Programs  ❓
  • Individualised Supplement Protocols   ❌
  • Accountability  ✔
  • Cost Effectiveness ❌
  • Proven Track Record ❓
  • Advanced Recovery Program   ❌
  • Zone State Technology   ❌
  • Kitesurf Specific   ❌
Other online course
Generalised Program
  • Structured Training Programs  ✔
  • Planned Diet Programs  ❓
  • Individualised Supplement Protocols   ❌
  • Accountability   ❌
  • Cost Effectiveness  ✔
  • Proven Track Record ❓
  • Advanced Recovery Program   ❌
  • Zone State Technology   ❌
  • Kitesurf Specific   ❌
So right now you’ve got 2 choices...
You can do nothing, and if you do that I can GUARANTEE what you will get…nothing.

Or you can take a leap of faith, join me, test it out and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

And I want to make sure you are entirely comfortable with this so that’s why I offer my rock solid no questions asked… 
30 Day ROCK SOLID Money Back Guarantee
Sign up today, take full advantage of everything, jump on every call, abuse me and if at the end of the month it’s not for you, just send me and email and I’ll give you your money back no harm no foul. 
I only want to work with those who want the results we’re going after and if after 30 days you decide that’s not you then I’m not the person for you anyway and I don’t want your money!
What Others Say...
Now let me show you some people who’ve had a chance to go through this:

Jan Vinckx

Was just starting out but was suffering from massive anxiety so much so that he could barely take himself kiting and every time he did he suffered massive procrastination as he sat on the beach worrying that the wind was too strong, that he was going to get injured or something was going to go wrong and he would ruin someone else session because he’d need to get rescued. In short he actually tried to go kiting several times a month but actually went once every few months. He was also suffering from massive insomnia which only increased his anxiety as every time he made a plan to go kiting he’d inevitably not sleep the night before and then feel too tired to actually get himself out on the water.

After 6 weeks on the NTX program he bought himself a van and took himself off kiting on his own around Europe, never looked back.

Maria Victoria

Really struggled with her fitness, was gaining weight, had psoriasis and as a result of her fitness just really struggled to get on the water for any length of time, she’d be knackered after just 30 mins and so we’d have to take things so slowly. After 2 years of this and me begging her to give the NTX program a chance she capitulated. 

In 7 weeks she dropped 10 kgs, (and looks great in her new wetsuit) she can now stay on the water for 2 - 3 hours at a time and her psoriasis has cleared up for the first time in 37 years (despite many doctors telling her it was just something she’d had to deal with forever).

Paige Moore

This is my personal favourite....

But I’ll let Paige tell you herself.

Just click the audio recording below to listen.
6 Week NTX Program Including:
Initial Body Composition, Physical and Nutritional Consultation
1 on 1 Coaching with me
Exercise Programs Tailored to the Individual And Designed To Fit Around The Wind
Bespoke Supplementation Plan as Needed
Advanced Recovery Program
Zone State Technology

JUST £147
Frequently Asked Questions
But I already workout, why do I need this?
The major problem with kiting fitness is it’s VERY specific and many of the normal exercises we do in the gym actually hurt our kitesurfing performance (or at least don’t benefit it) so we need a specialised fitness program specifically designed for kitesurfing which is flexible with the wind if we are to make the most of our time on the water, spend as long as we like on the water and recover fast enough for the next session.

Added to this is the fact that maintaining any form of kitesurfing fitness is very difficult simply because we can’t build a training routine around the wind. Using kitesurfing as our training is almost impossible even in the windiest of spots due to the inconsistencies of the wind (believe me, I've tried it here in Tarifa).  

Trying to build a routine in the gym is difficult as when the wind picks up we obviously go kiting hopefully for hours and then the next day generally don’t feel like going to the gym to do our normal workout, so our routine slips. 

We also generally don’t want to do heavy workouts the day before a day of forecast wind, just in case we end up kitesurfing, but then if that wind doesn't come in, we’ve just lost a day of training.

As our fitness slips  we notice it more and more every time we hit the water as it just gets that little bit harder every time.

We'll be creating personalised programs for you that work with the wind, designed specifically for kitesurfers and tailored to your level and fitness.
Kitesurfing nutrition, that sounds like another diet plan.
The major problem with nutrition in any field is knowing what to believe. One person tells you if you eat meat you'll die the next tells you to eat only meat if you want to be perfectly healthy. In the end most people just give up and eat what makes them happy. 

The issue is that nutrition is one of the most important factors in how we kitesurf, from how fast we recover after a session to how much energy we have on the water, it even affects how fast we learn and has literally 1000's of other impacts on our body and our kitesurfing.

The thing that nearly all "nutrition guru's" are missing is the idea of personalisation. Yes a vegan diet may be great for one person, but it may very well kill the next...literally. We are all totally biochemically unique and any nutrition plan has to take this into account. 

That's why working with me we'll discover the foods which give you the most energy on the water, helps you to recover and learn faster after a session...oh and as a bonus has you looking even better in your wetsuit!

We wont be totally re writing your diet, (unless you want to) we'll be making the smallest changes we can for the biggest possible impact.
How much time do I need to commit?
The idea of the program is that you can do it at your own pace and don’t need to spend any time on the water to get the results.

During each week we will have one weekly call lasting between 15-30 minutes and there will be stuff you can be doing during the week in your own time (especially at the early stages) but how much time you put in is completely up to you and 15 – 30 minutes a day or every other day should be more than enough (sometimes a bit more, sometimes less).
Do you have examples of this working in the real world?
Well, apart form our 100's of past and present clients there was one man who inspired me more than anyone while creating the NTX program...a man call Tom Brady.

Tom started his career as a quarterback very quietly as a new player to the NFL, he was nothing special and no one really ever expected him to be anything other than average.

He obviously wasn’t too happy about this as he had dreams of the Super Bowl. The problem was by the age of 25 he was on the brink of giving up. He was in pain all the time from the intense training, he wasn’t getting any better and worst of all his future in the NFL was very much in doubt. 

He was pissed off and disillusioned. 

Now at the time the perceived wisdom in the the NFL was to wreck players on the training pitch and on match day, pump them full of drugs to hide the pain and shove them back out on the field to continue either training even harder or getting beat up again. 

After one particularly intense training session when Tom really didn’t think he could carry on the team doctor came to give him the usual pain killing injection and something snapped, he broke tradition and refused to take the drugs, he was going to find his own way. 

He realised that his aching limbs, his inability to improve, his stagnation as a player was not due to a lack of painkillers.

He didn’t need more time on the pitch getting beat up, he didn’t need more technical knowledge or to lift bigger weights. 

What he needed to do was find a way that his body could naturally improve, could recover faster, so he could push him self harder on the training pitch than anyone else and didn’t need the drugs to get him through, could incorporate the lessons he had learned that day on the pitch more quickly and then have them ready to be utilised the next day so he constantly progressed.

Could be faster, stronger and more focussed than the next guy and do it day after day after day.

About that time there was a load of new research coming out on advanced ways to stimulate the body to recover faster and grow new muscle quicker, to upgrade the brain to work more quickly and learn faster…Tom working with a bunch of experts incorporated all these natural methods into his lifestyle. 

And promptly became the laughing stock of the NFL. Him and his hippy methods were ridiculed by players, coached and doctors alike.

Tom stuck to his guns, he continued to believe in what he was doing kept using the same techniques, kept the same methods of training.

After a few months something amazing happened. 

He started to improve…at rates never before seen.

Tom was 25 when he had his “ah ha" moment. He’s now a 6 x Super Bowl winner (the most of any player and he won his last one this year) and the greatest quarterback of all time. 

One more important fact…

He’s 41…and still going strong…in fact for the last 5 years he’s performed better on every single test the team runs him through, than the previous year…he’s getting better with age!

What’s awesome about this is that when you can apply the principles that Tom applied to your kitesurfing you can see the same results he did. And the best thing is Tom did this entirely OFF the training ground, just like we can do this entirely OFF the water. 

Tom explained it in a really simple way.

"Look I spend at most 1 - 2 hours practicing a MOST, the human body simply can't take any more, so I figure I've got 22 maybe 23 other hours in the day, every day. Simple maths tells me that how I spend those hours will have more influence on the gains I make in the 1 - 2 hours. If I want to train hard I have to prepare to train even harder.”

It's the same in our kitesurfing…it’s what we do OFF the water that’s important and which leads to exponential gains on the water.
Job/Life/Location means I can’t get out on the water much.
Not a problem at all. As we'll be working on all the things you can do OFF the water so that when you do get out again, you'll notice MASSIVE improvements no matter how long it's been.
I’m injured or have suffered a bad injury?
Then I would definitely encourage you to get onboard. 

I'll be working with you personally to overcome the challenges associated with this. We'll build you a program that helps you to recover faster and stronger and also looking at the psychological scars injury often leaves. Which leads to the fear of trying something new that stops people from pushing themselves.
I’m not fit or have a condition that means I can’t do intense physical activity.
No problem. The program is set up to go at your pace. So while we will be looking at fitness we will be tailoring it specifically to you at all times.
Can I be a beginner?

Being a total beginner and coming into the program is a very, very smart idea. Basically you’re taking a few years off your progression time and are focusing from day 1 on the processes and practices that will actually work while you improve your kitesurfing
I'm already pretty healthy so I don't think I really need this.
I thought exactly the same thing when I first started to build the NTX program, 

So I went to my doctors to get a second opinion and said ”Doc, I feel ok, but I want to feel amazing.”

My doctor looked at me and said, “Ok great, what symptoms so you have.” 

“Hmmm…nothing really I guess”

“Well I’m afraid I can’t help you young man.”

I must have looked pretty disappointed as he told me something then that has stuck with all these years and fair play to him for doing so. He said 

”As doctors we are only trained to cure sickness, you get ill, you come to us, we fix you. But if you’re not sick there’s nothing we can do. We have a model of what is called health care but it is in fact sickness care. Health care would be ensuring people never got sick in the first place!”

He obviously had a bit of time on his hands as he went over to his white board and started drawing and this is what he drew… 
“You see most of us peak in our natural performance between the ages of 15 - 20, some of us the athletes and those who look after them selves manage to stay there a bit longer, maybe 25-30 after that it’s generally a long slow decline towards death…cheery.”

“What most people don’t realise is that this isn’t inevitable. In fact there are some people who seem to totally avoid this decline altogether.”

I thought of Tom at 41 and still dominating the NFL.

“You see, It’s generally our lifestyle that leads to this. We eat crap, we neglect sleep, we work too hard and for too long, we party too much, we don’t exercise or over exercise, we spend too much time being stressed. In short we abuse our bodies and our bodies get worn down as a result.”

“So by the time we reach 30, most of us are operating at 50% of their full potential, at most."

Then he flashed a grin at me and said…“That’s where I come in,”.

“It’s at about this stage that people start coming to see me, lack of energy, can’t sleep, gaining weight, feel tired, depression if they’re unlucky it might be some industrial disease, CFS, IBS or something else with a label. All of which are a sure sign that their are falling down the performance scale.”

“So there’s still not a lot we can do at this stage as they generally don’t have any true symptoms in the medical sense, and so as doctors we have nothing to work with.”

“So they start to self medicate."

“They drink coffee to wake them up in the morning, alcohol to knock themselves out in the evening and energy drinks to get through the day. They throw down painkillers, start doing crash diets which of course although they may provide temporary relief actually generally throw the body into greater chaos reducing their performance even more long term.”

“The insidious problem here, is that all their friends are showing similar symptoms as well. So they think their problems are normal and chalk it up to old age."

“The problem you realise is that this belief that symptoms are normal and simply a sign of growing old is a world wide delusion..…I’m telling you after 25 years as a doctor…symptoms are common in our western world…they are NEVER normal. It’s just that we pretty much ALL suffer from them and so believe that they are."

Wow I thought this is interesting. So I asked, 

“Ok so now you come to mention it, I am noticing I’m not as energetic as I used to be, I struggle more at the gym and on the water, I don’t sleep as well, I get bloated after eating and I’m starting to put on a few pounds…do you think that means that I’m not performing as well as I could be…?”

“Young man…” he said, looking me up and down, “I believe you are exactly here on this chart…” pointing to the 50% mark.

Wow…and I was the healthiest person I knew!

He continued, “Right now you have 2 choices carry on as you are and continue this slow decline in to death or do something about it and take your performance back up to 100%.”

“I can do that?” I said.

“Oh God yes…”

“Think of your body like a car…a high performance sports car."

"Now you take that car and put crappy fuel in it, drive it like a maniac, crash it a few times and never take it for a service or to see a mechanic. in 20 years that car will be ready for the scrap heap.”

"But if you take that car and put a new engine in, replace all the parts with new ones, loving restore the body work, you can restore it to its former glory…because technology has advanced in those 20 years, it can actually be made better."

“Biology works like this, but it’s easier because it does all the work itself, you just have to give it the inputs it needs to do it’s job…which is actually a lot simpler than people think.”

I left his office inspired...

I spent 8 years straight studying every diet, every bio hack, every emerging technology that could help me do this, 

I took a load of courses, ran experiments using myself as a human test monkey, I went to remote parts of the world in search of ancient wisdom and the latest cutting edge labs to understand the very latest developments in science, 

I talked to the most esteemed experts, athletes and peak performers on the planet…to literally re write my DNA

The result….

After 6 straight months off the water I got back out and landed 3 new tricks straight away and was substantially better than the last time I had been out. Rather than getting out once a month if I was lucky, my new found energy meant that I was getting out whenever the wind blew…in fact living in Tarifa I was having to force myself to take days off so I get other stuff done.

I started ironman triathlon training. I was sleeping 9 hours a night, all my other symptoms had cleared up and for the first time in my life I was actually waking up with a massive grin on my face just excited to be alive.

More importantly I also:

 - Kited better as I was fitter
 - Kited more as could recover faster, had better stamina and more energy to get to the beach.
 - Turned the voice into a friendly companion
 - Was able to smash through mental barriers and become MUCH mentally tougher 
 - Improved focus and concentration on (and off) the water
 - Became immune to skill fade
 - Progressed faster
 - Gained confidence to kite anywhere in any conditions
 - Lost 2 stone
 - Got rid of all those aches and pains and all those little complaints I always thought were just me getting older.

That's what the NTX program can do for you.
I lack confidence in my kiting.
This is a big point for many and can be one of the main reasons that most people do not progress as fast as they want. This whole program is designed to nail this one issue in a BIG way!
I don’t have my own kit.
No worries, we’re looking at all the stuff you can do OFF the water to improve.
It there a time limit on the course?
It's not a race.  This program is about you, improving at your pace. Once we’ve identified what your goal is we’ll apply the correct processes, focus and measurement to get you moving forward. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro already we'll get you moving forward.
I live in Australia or another time zone far from you, will this work for me?
Absolutely. I make myself available at all sorts of weird and wonderful times so we can definitely find something that works for you.
What is performance coaching?
Mixing ancient wisdom with cutting edge modern science, throwing in a bit of bio hacking and borrowing from the world of elite athletes, special forces and NASA. We'll be looking at the ways you can optimise you mind and body to give the biggest results on the water with the smallest changes.
If I don't want to continue, can I cancel?
Absolutely! Though I doubt you'll want to when you see the results! But all you have to do is send us an email and we'll cancel your program straight away no harm, no foul.
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Imagine what your life will be like when:
  • ​Your muscles are able to kitesurf for longer, at a higher level and so take advantage of every breath of wind,
  • ​You have better focus and so can keep your concentration when you're out there,
  • ​You have the confidence to kite in all conditions and to push it every time you're out.
  • ​You can recover faster after a session so you can get up and do the same again tomorrow and not suffer from the lethargy, aches and pains that you normally get,
  • ​You have the energy to get yourself out whenever there's wind and not make excuses about it having been a long day or just being too tired,
  • ​You learn faster,
  • ​You get injured less and recover faster when you are,
  • ​You're more flexible,
  • ​You rock up at the beach every session with energy to burn, 
  • ​You don’t suffer all those creeping aches and pains,
  • ​You get rid of the extra weight you're carrying,
  • ​You can control The Voice in your head telling you you're not good enough. The Voice that creates anxiety whenever you visit a new spot, or which just worries incessantly about safety, telling you you're going to screw up and be a burden to other kiters as they'll have to rescue you or you'll get washed up on the beach like a drowned rat….again,
  • ​You get ill less,
  • ​You have faster reflexes and a more agile mind,
  • ​You are 100% resistant to skill fade and have the mental resilience to push through procrastination, fear and doubt…no matter what, until you land that next trick…
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