The Time Is Now
How To Lose 20+ Kilos In The Next 6 Weeks And KEEP IT OFF Without EVER Counting Calories (Points Or Macros), Going Hungry Or Spending Hours In The Gym...
(Even if you've tried EVERYTHING!)

Your Presenter

Sam Guest
Extreme Sports Athlete, Optimal Performance Coach, Health & Sustainable Weight Loss Expert

✔️Bulletproof Human Potential Coach
✔️Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
✔️ISSA Personal Trainer
✔️Trained at the Bulletproof Training Institute
Sam Guest presents a short movie on how you can shed weight whilst building health, starting today.  
1. Simplify - use only what works, get rid of the rest
2. Boost - weight loss AND health
3. Understand - the root cause of your weight gain and how to eliminate it without shakes, pills, powders, workouts or gimmicks
4. Uncommon Sense - why what you've been told doesn't work (the fuel vs the engine) 
5. Control - take true control of your biology, feel great in your skin and have a LOT of fun!
Why This Is Different.

In this video, Sam Guest shows you how to get to the root cause of weight gain without having to subscribe to any shakes, pills, powders or exercise.

Hundreds of Sam's clients, most of who are in their late 30's, 40s, 50s, and 60s, have already hit their dream weight and got into the best shape of their life along with all the benefits of being healthy, without a rebound in weight gain.

Want to lose the weight, for good?

Watch the video now to learn how to lose the weight and give your body a fresh, new start, even if you've tried everything else....
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