"Why You're BUGGERED Before You Get Out Of Bed 

If You're Trying To *Lose Weight* After 35"

“God damn…damn, damn, damn…life just wasn’t fair.”

I looked at the test results again…looked back at the doctor.

“So you’re telling me if I do the same amount of exercise as my younger brother, and eat the exact same food, I’ll be 2 kilos heavier than him by the end of this year?”

The doctor took his glasses off, cleaned them and looked up, slightly sheepish as he did so…

“That’s the joy of getting old I’m afraid.”

As we start to age we tend to have a dawning realisation that what worked for us at 20 will not cut it now we’re 40 or more.

And unfortunately, we’re absolutely right…

To take just one example… 

We lose muscle mass from the age of 30 and so face a decreasing metabolism. This means as we age we face a losing battle even before we get out of bed.

When James Cracknell was taking part in the Oxford & Cambridge Boat race he was more than 20 years older than his team mates.

As part of the training they all had their metabolic rate tested. This basically told them how many calories they needed at rest per day to simply survive…how many calories they’d burn just sat on he sofa doing nothing all day.
At 46 he clocked in at 1270 calories a day. The average of his teammates, who had an average age of 22, was 2380 calories a day. 

If he did the same training and ate the same food as his team mates, it was as if he were consuming an addition Big Mac every day.

Simply put, this means if you at age 40, were to follow the seem training and nutrition plan as you did at 30, which at 30 maintained your weight perfectly, at 40 you could expect to put on 3.5 kg’s a year.

This was the exact same test I ran with my younger brother, with similarly depressing results.


This doesn’t mean it’s inevitable we will get fat and sedentary as we get older, it just means we have to manage our bodies differently if we want to keep using our bodies to do all the cool stuff we want to do into our ripe old age.

(I know people who are 90 and still kitesurf, mountain bike or even BASE jump most days)

Simply put this natural decline into biological breakdown isn’t natural at all but is simply a case of mis management as we get older….of focussing on the wrong things of not understanding the basic input/output pathways of the human body.

Once you know what to focus on you can turn this around and beat the "natural" decline (spoiler alert, it's not natural at all, you just need the right system). 

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